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he overseas spread of the virus and its negative impacts?? on the world economy, brought new challenges. The novel coronavirus was first identified in ??Wuhan in December as a new pathogen facing mankind. Before its traits were fully understood, ??the virus had cut a swath of infections amoE


ng Wuhan's unsuspecting public, before jumping fro??m the transportation hub to other parts of China via the largest seasonal human migration ahe??ad of the Spring Festival. Xi has described the COVID-19 outbreak as the most difficult to co??ntain since the founding of the People's Republico


of China in 1949 and "a big test" for the c??ountry. Medical experts said the virus is more contagious, though less deadly, than the SARS ??virus that belongs to the same coronavirus family. Globally, the SARS virus infected 8,422 pe??ople and killed 919 between 2002 and 2003. "We still haj